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Arganour -摩洛哥堅果油Aceite Argan Bio

Arganour -摩洛哥堅果油Aceite Argan Bio

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摩洛哥堅果油Aceite Argan Bio 50ml





如果您正在尋找一種減輕運動影響或體力勞動影響的例行程序,我們建議您通過添加幾滴迷迭香精油來交替使用 BIO 金絲桃油和甜杏仁油具有抗風濕和抗炎作用,對抗由重複或突然的肌肉運動引起的疼痛和痙攣。您也可以嘗試使用幾滴橙色精油,該精油具有減輕劇烈體育活動引起的關節和肌肉疼痛的特性。


如果它的用途是調節面部皮脂,我們建議您在使用膠束水對皮膚進行深層清潔之前,可以去除臉上的毒素,在此面部清潔之後使用 BIO 面部補品,以便面部毛孔閉合,沒有新的污垢進入皮膚。然後塗抹 BIO 聖約翰草油,吸收後塗抹 100% 天然認證的有機和純素抗衰老晚霜,讓肌膚獲得所需的水分


For the skin: The St. John's wort plant improves neuronal activity and tones the nervous system. With the regular application of this oil you can reduce the oiliness of the skin, thanks to its astringent power. It also has healing power which helps to regenerate the skin that has suffered wounds, sores or burns and improving its elasticity. In addition, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it has a positive effect on wounds, minor burns, insect bites, muscle spasms, bruises and sprains; being used even in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

If what you are looking for is a routine to mitigate the effects of sport or those caused by physical work, we recommend that you alternate the use of BIO hypericum oil with sweet almond oil by adding a few drops of rosemary essential oil that will provide you with a anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory effect, fighting pain and cramps caused by repetitive or sudden physical movements for the muscles. You can also try it with a few drops of orange essential oil that has properties to reduce joint and muscle pain resulting from intense physical activity.

If its use is to regulate the sebum of the face, we recommend that before you perform a deep cleaning of the skin using micellar water that will remove the toxins that are on the face, after this facial cleaning use the BIO facial tonic so that the pores of the face are closed and no new dirt enters the skin. Then apply the BIO St. John's wort oil, once absorbed apply the 100% natural certified organic and vegan anti-aging night cream so that the skin obtains the hydration it needs

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