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Thurlby -澳洲消臭芳香門擋 Aromatic Door Stop 1個

Thurlby -澳洲消臭芳香門擋 Aromatic Door Stop 1個


消臭芳香門擋 Aromatic Door Stop


門砰砰地敲打著? 沒有華麗的手工門擋。 丁香,迷迭香和檀香木為您的家帶來溫暖的感覺。 用各種面料縫製以適合任何家庭風格,為什麼不歡迎門鼠標進入您的家呢?




Doors slamming and banging? Not with a gorgeous handmade door stop. Bring a sense of warmth to your home with a blend of cloves, rosemary and sandalwood. Sewn in a range of fabrics to suit any home style, why not welcome a door mouse into your home?

Deliciously fragrant door stopper. Scented with clove buds, chips of sandalwood and rosemary leaf, this door stop is sure to add style to any room.

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