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Atomu - 皮炎精華原液B -濕疹|特應性皮炎|汗疹|潮红|青春痘 20ml

Atomu - 皮炎精華原液B -濕疹|特應性皮炎|汗疹|潮红|青春痘 20ml


Atomu - 皮炎精華原液B -濕疹|特應性皮炎|汗疹|潮红|青春痘 20ml


  • 源於自然的配方
    ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液是在全球範圍內甄選15種以上經不斷驗證、且對皮膚有益 的天然植物作為主要原材料, 並經天然發酵等多道工序低溫萃取而成。最大程度提取天然原材料的有效成分, 利用自主開發的工程技術通過最優搭配及發酵法將天然成分的功效最大化, 研發出治療和預防過敏性皮膚疾病的精華物質, 並將其使用到化妝品中。


  • 專利成分

用於預防、改善或治療特應性皮炎的組合物, 其包含天然提取物


證明ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液功效的科學依據



  • 抑制皮膚瘙癢功效
  • - 以20名參與者進行的臨床試驗中, ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液具有強力的抑制瘙癢功效。
    - 使用1週ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液後, 減少了40%的瘙癢, 2週後減少了55%。
    - 此外, ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液有效地抑制了肥大細胞的脫顆粒, 這意味著減少皮膚瘙癢。
    - 瘙癢是加重皮膚炎症最具代表性的症狀, 管理皮膚瘙癢是改善炎症肌膚最重要的方法。
    ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液可改善瘙癢, 對過敏性皮膚、幹癬以及敏感性皮膚均有效。
  • 抑制炎症功效
    人體免疫系統的干擾素(IFN-Y)和作為代表性的趨化因子IL-8(白細胞介素8)是造成包括皮炎在內的各種炎症發生和惡化的主要原因。抑制干擾素IFN-Y和IL-8的分泌, 能有效抑制炎症。
    對於過敏性皮炎等皮膚病, 主要治療目的是抑制瘙癢與改善炎症狀態。
  • ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液的安全性
    通過臨床試驗使用ATOMU(阿特穆) 精華液3週以上的結果, 過敏性皮膚炎症患者並未出現任何異常反應。
    在使用源於人體角質化細胞的實驗管內研究未出現細胞毒性, 因此確認為安全產品。



Water, Glycerin, Quercus robur bark extract, Houttuynia cordata
extract, Centella asiatica extract, Sesamum indicum (Sesame)
seed extract, Ecklonia cava extract, Ulmus davidiana root extract,
Cucumis sativus (Cucumber) fruit extract, Royal jelly, Butylene
glycol, 1,2-Hexanediol, Pinus densiflora leaf extract, Allantoin,
Lonicera japonica (Honeysuckle) flower extract, Xanthan gum,
Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) flower extract, Rosa damascena
flower extractChrysanthemum indicum flower extractCalendula
officinalis flower extract, Oenothera biennis (Evening primrose)
flower extract, Nelumbium speciosum flower extract, Lavandula
angustifolia (Lavender) flower extract, Inula britannica flower
extract, Ascorbic acid, Propolis extract, Acorus calamus root
extract, Perilla ocymoides leaf extract


Skin optimization recipe derived from natural ingredients
Patented substances that have been fermented and refined by mixing 15 or more natural extracts beneficial to the skin, the effects of which have been proven over many years in the East
and the West. Developing and applying substances capable of treating and preventing hypersensitivity skin diseases. We utilize our unique process technology that optimizes efficacy with optimal mixing and maturity through extraction of the most effective ingredients from nature.

Certificate of Patent

Composition for preventing, alleviating, or treating atopic symptoms with natural extract as an active ingredient.

The Scientific basis that demonstrates the effectiveness of Atomu Essence

(Clinical and cellular experimental results by Pusan National University Korean Medicine Hospital)


Skin itching inhibitory action
- Atomu Essence demonstrated excellent itching inhibition effect in clinical trials of 20 subjects
- After using Atomu Essence for one week, itching was reduced by 40%, with a 55% reduction after two weeks.
- Atomu Essence had effectively inhibited degranulation of mast cells.
- These findings suggest that Atomu Essence reduces itching that occurs in the skin by degranulation of mast cells.
- Itching is the most common symptom that aggravates inflammatory diseases of the skin. Managing itchiness is paramount to improve inflammatory skin disease. Atomu Essence is effective in the management of atopic skin, psoriasis, and sensitive skin by reducing itchiness.

Inflammation-inhibiting action
By inhibiting secretion of interferon-gamma (IFN-Y), which plays an important role in the development and deterioration of various inflammatory diseases and interleukin-8 (IL-8), which exacerbates inflammation as one of the typical chemotactic factors,
Atomu demonstrates the effect of inhibiting inflammation.
It is very important to suppress itching and improve inflammation state for skin diseases including atopic skin. (Goal of treatment)

Safety of Atomu Essence
Clinical trials using Atomu Essence for at least three weeks showed no adverse events in atopic patients. In vitro studies using
human-derived keratinocytes have also shown that Atomu Essence is a safe product that shows no cytotoxicity at the effective concentration.


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