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Thurlby -澳洲衣物內衣香氛袋X2個  Bloom Bras & Undies X 2pcs

Thurlby -澳洲衣物內衣香氛袋X2個 Bloom Bras & Undies X 2pcs


澳洲衣物內衣香薰包 Bloom Bras & Undies X2個


兩個口袋大小的織物小袋,內含多種精油,藥草和香料。 非常適合放置在裝有衣服,床單或內衣的抽屜和櫥櫃,在保護衣服的同時散發出令人愉悅的芬芳。


Two pocket sized fabric sachets containing a sumptuous mix of essential oils, herbs and spices. Ideal for slipping in drawers and cupboards with clothing, linen or lingerie, leaving a delightful fragrance while protecting your clothes.

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