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Nature's Superfoods 有機雪蓮果乾 Organic Yacon Root Slices, Dried

Nature's Superfoods 有機雪蓮果乾 Organic Yacon Root Slices, Dried


Nature's Superfoods 有機雪蓮果乾 Organic Yacon Root Slices, Dried 40g



極低 GI < 1,適合糖尿病患者

Nature's Superfoods 有機幹雪蓮果根生長在秘魯的安第斯山脈,因其清脆、甜味、塊莖根。雪蓮果根通常生吃,天然甜,熱量低,果肉多汁,類似於蘋果或西瓜。雪蓮果在秘魯傳統上被用作控制血糖水平、改善消化和預防便秘的一種手段。雪蓮果根的干片非常適合作為益生元、低熱量的超級食品零食,適合那些控制體重的人、抗癌飲食、糖尿病患者和那些想要避免高熱量加工零食的人。

YACON:秘魯雪蓮果根天然含有 35-50% F.O.S. (低聚果糖)和低比例的單醣。它們的甜味來自高濃度的菊粉,這是一種緩慢分解成低聚果糖的複合糖。 F.O.S 對我們所有人都有好處,因為它是一種益生元,可以餵養腸道中的“好”細菌,並且已被證明可以積極抑制念珠菌等病原體的過度生長。當我們的腸道健康並且富含有益細菌時,我們的消化系統的效率就會提高,從而導致更好的排便和更好地吸收我們體內的營養。

F.O.S 是一種在人體消化道中不可消化的纖維。這使得雪蓮果成為一種低熱量食物,同時對血糖水平的影響最小(血糖指數非常低)。雪蓮果還富含抗氧化劑,富含鉀、鈣、磷和鐵等礦物質,以及 20 種氨基酸。




推薦食用量:每天約 10 克或一把。


Organic Certifications: USDA, EU, JAS

Certified Organic
Gluten-Free Snack
Very Low GI < 1, Diabetic-Friendly
Unsweetened, Unsulphured

Nature's Superfoods Organic Dried Yacon Root are grown in the Andes mountains of Peru for its crisp, sweet-tasting, tuberous roots. The Yacon roots are usually eaten raw and are naturally sweet, low in calories, with a juicy flesh similar to that of an apple or watermelon. Yacon is traditionally consumed in Peru as a means to control blood sugar levels, improve digestion and prevent constipation. The dried slices of Yacon roots are ideal as a prebiotic, low-calorie superfood snack for those on weight-control diets, cancer-fighting diets, for diabetics and for those who want to avoid calorie-laden processed snacks.

YACON: Peruvian Yacon Roots naturally contain 35-50% F.O.S. (fructo-oligosaccharides) and a low proportion of simple sugars. Their sweetness comes from a high concentration of inulin, a complex sugar that breaks down slowly into fructooligosaccharides. F.O.S is good for all of us as it is a prebiotic that feeds the 'good' bacteria in the gut and has been shown to actively inhibit the overgrowth of pathogens such as candida. When our gut is healthy and populated with good bacteria, the efficiency of our digestive system improves which leads to better bowel movement and better absorption of nutrients in our body. 

F.O.S is a type of fiber that is non-digestible in the human digestive tract. This makes the Yacon Root a low-calorie food whilst having a minimal impact on blood sugar levels (very low in Glycemic Index). Yacon is also rich in antioxidants and boasts a good amount of minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron, as well as 20 amino acids. 

Botanical Name: Smallanthus sonchifolius

Health Benefits

Weight control
Additional Benefits

Helps increase bone density, by improving the absorption of calcium
Strengthens immunity, by improving the absorption of nutrients
Helps with blood sugar control & regulate insulin levels
Improves digestion and helps prevent constipation
May help with skin issues such as acne due to an improved gut health
How To Use:

1) Eat them right out of the bag!

Dried Yacon Root Slices are naturally (mildly) sweet and chewy. A prebiotic superfood snack. Makes a great travel snack (to avoid constipation).

Recommended serving: About 10g or a handful a day.

Caution: Don't eat too much in one seating or it will give you stomach upset due to its prebiotic effects.

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