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Nature's Superfoods -優質營養酵母片Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes

Nature's Superfoods -優質營養酵母片Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes

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優質營養酵母片 Premium Nutritional Yeast Flakes 160g


通常被稱為,具有奶酪般的美妙味道,營養酵母含有全系列B族維生素,包括通常來自動物性食品的維生素B12。是素食主義者和嚴格素食者的理想之選。營養酵母還富含鋅,有助於增強免疫力。 Nature's Superfoods的營養酵母屬於100%非活性酵母,不使用合成B族維生素。這種酵母是由富含維生素B的純化甜菜糖蜜中的種酵母(釀酒酵母)特別培養而成,從而將維生素融入生食中。營養酵母可能是最營養、最多樣、最美味的素食調味料或調味品之一,你可以在廚房裡日常使用,幾乎可以用在任何食譜中。


成分:100% 初級無活性酵母(釀酒酵母)





低血糖指數 (GI)






Nature's Superfoods 的營養酵母是一種無活性的初級生長酵母,其特殊的營養價值是專門生產的。它通常被稱為 nooch。對於那些喜歡一切有營養的東西的人來說,這個令人不快的名字並沒有減損這樣一個事實,即營養酵母可能是您每天可以在廚房和幾乎所有食譜中使用的最有營養、用途最廣、最美味的素食調味料或調味品之一。


營養酵母:含有全譜 B 族維生素:硫胺素 (B1)、核黃素 (B2)、菸酸 (B3)、葉酸 (B9)、泛酸 (B5)、吡哆醇 (B6)、生物素 (B7) 和鈷胺素 (B12) )。每天攝入足夠的這些必需 B 族維生素對於確保最佳的能量產生和肌肉構建/恢復過程很重要。此外,它還含有豐富的完整蛋白質、膳食纖維、鋅、硒、鎂、鐵和鈣。被認為是一種低熱量的食物。蛋白質、膳食纖維含量高,飽和脂肪含量低。


大多數營養酵母產品在製造結束時都添加了合成 B 族維生素,但我們的優質營養酵母卻沒有! Nature's Superfoods Nutritional Yeast 是從富含維生素 B 的純化甜菜糖蜜(非轉基因)中的初級酵母(釀酒酵母)中特別生長出來的,從而將維生素融入到生活食物中。酵母隨後變得不活躍並乾燥成均勻的薄片。












維生素 B12 的重要來源(非常適合素食者或素食者)







1) 將 1-2 湯匙直接加入米飯、湯、蘸醬、沙拉醬、意大利面、麥片、果汁和冰沙中,以增加鮮味和營養。

2) 灑在蔬菜菜餚、醬汁、肉汁、炒菜、薯條、麵包、爆米花或幾乎任何東西上。這是一種極好的素食奶酪替代品。



對於營養酵母的初學者,從 ¼ 湯匙開始,增加到 1-2 湯匙(6-10 克)。不建議每天食用超過 3 湯匙。


Commonly known as nooch with a delicious cheese-like flavor, Nutritional Yeast contains a full spectrum of B vitamins including Vitamin B12 which is usually derived from animal foods. A great food for vegetarians and vegans. Nutritional Yeast is high in zinc too, which helps boost immunity. Nature's Superfoods Nutritional Yeast is 100% inactive yeast, without the use of synthetic B vitamins. The yeast is specially grown from primary yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in vitamin B-enriched purified beet molasses, thus incorporating the vitamin into the living food. Nutritional Yeast is probably one of the most nutritious, versatile and tastiest vegan seasoning or condiment you can use daily in your kitchen, and in almost any recipe.


INGREDIENTS: 100% Primary Inactive Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)



Gluten Free

Low Glycemic Index (GI)


No Added Sugar

No Additives or Preservatives

Nature’s Superfoods’ Nutritional Yeast is an inactive, primary grown yeast that is specially produced for its exceptional nutritional value. It is commonly known as nooch. To those who love everything nutritious, the unappetizing name does not detract from the fact that nutritional yeast is probably one of the most nutritious, versatile, and tastiest vegan seasoning or condiments you can use daily in your kitchen, and in almost any recipe.


NUTRITIONAL YEAST: Contains a full spectrum of B vitamins: Thiamine(B1), Riboflavin(B2), Niacin (B3), Folate (B9), Pantothenate (B5), Pyridoxine (B6), Biotin (B7), and Cobalamin (B12). Adequate daily intake of these essential B vitamins is important to ensure optimum energy production and muscle building/recovery process. Additionally, it is also rich in complete protein, dietary fiber, zinc, selenium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. Considered a low-calorie food. High in protein, dietary fiber, and low in saturated fats.


Most nutritional yeast products are fortified with synthetic B-vitamins at the end of the manufacture, but our Premium Nutritional Yeast is not! Nature’s Superfoods Nutritional Yeast is specially grown from primary yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) in vitamin B-enriched purified beet molasses (non-GMO), thus incorporating the vitamin into the living food. The yeast is later rendered inactive and dried into homogenous flakes.


No synthetic vitamins, MSG, artificial additives, or preservatives are added.


These Nutritional Yeast Flakes have a delicious, cheese-like, and nutty taste and are excellent for vegans/vegetarians and those looking for added nutrition in their diet.


Health Benefits:





Additional Benefits:

A great source of Vit B12 (excellent for vegans or vegetarians)

Improves digestive health

Beneficial for athletes



How To Use:


1) Add 1-2 tablespoons directly into rice, soups, dips, salad dressings, pastas, cereals, juices and smoothies, for an umami flavour and nutritional boost.

2) Sprinkle over vegetable dishes, sauces, gravies, scrambles, chips, bread, popcorn or on just about anything. It’s an excellent vegan cheese substitute.


For beginners to Nutritional Yeast, start with ¼ tbsp and increase to 1-2 tablespoons (6-10g). Not advisable to consume more than 3 tablespoons a day.

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