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Thurlby -澳洲絲綢香薰眼枕 (顏色隨機) Maha Eye Pillow (Random Color)

Thurlby -澳洲絲綢香薰眼枕 (顏色隨機) Maha Eye Pillow (Random Color)


澳洲絲綢眼枕 (顏色隨機) Maha Eye Pillow (Random Color)


  • 產於西澳大利亞州沃波爾的 Thurlby Herb Farm。 
  • 最柔軟的絲綢、緞子或天然棉帶來的舒緩舒適感,加上香薰草本和亞麻籽混合物的輕柔重量,可緩解疲勞的面部和眼部肌肉的指壓。
  • 只需用力揉搓枕頭,聞一聞精油的釋放,將枕頭放在眼睛上,然後鬆開。我們的建議是將枕頭放入塑料袋中,並在使用前放入冰箱冷藏。


  • A blissful way to enjoy a rejuvenating and tension relieving break from the computer, jetlag or just to relax. Lavender and flax seed encased in a soft satin pack. The gold label is decoreated with a gold-edged mirror sequin. 
  • The soothing comfort of the softest silk, satin, or natural cotton combined with the gentle weight of a mix of aromatherapy herbs and flaxseed, provides relieving acupressure to tired facial and eye muscles.
  • Simply rub the pillow vigorously, smell the release of essential oils, place the pillow on your eyes and let go.
  • Our suggestion for total bliss-place the pillow in a plastic bag and chill in the refrigerator before use.
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